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Attract Good Fortune Good Luck Spells: Good Fortune with powerful magic spells to increse abundance in your life!

This is an extremely powerful spell to place luck and good fortune in your favour! If you feel like you have hit a plateau, you have hit a tough spot you cannot escape from and need a little fortune sent your way, this spell is for you! If you are about to take a risk, start a new company, apply for something new, go on an adventure and need luck by your side, this spell is for you. Attract Good Fortune Good Luck Spells: Attract Abundance, Good Luck and More Money into Your Life:This is a very powerful blessing ritual used to create luck and good fortune in one's endeavours, whether that be a lottery draw, opening of a business, gambling or just life in general! Commonly used in ancient times by queens, emperors and shamans to bring fate and fortune to their empires and people. This casting redirects energy to your own psyche, influencing the luck you may experience!

This spell is tailored to your needs or you can receive a general good luck spell and can be placed on you or a recipient close to you!

To begin casting this spell, I will require both yours and your significant other's (or soon to be) names, dates of birth and a photo of yourself and them to strengthen the spell.

This casting is white magic so there is no need to worry about any negative ramifications or bad karma, it is a combination of meditation, chanting, crystal and candle magic.

If you are unsure whether this casting is right for your situation, do not hesitate to contact me and I will happily discuss it with you so we can make sure you do what is best for you!

Upon ordering, please submit the appropriate information asked for in the description and I will usually be able to complete your casting by the next day however if there is a surge in requests, it can take me a little longer. Please don't be afraid to message me with a little nudge! There are Magic spells and “daily rituals” which we will focus on once you contact me

Same Day - Good luck, Growth, success- Abundance Burning ritual for you

I will cast a very powerful good luck spell for you. This spell is one of my favorites and you can choose a specific area of your life you want to have good luck in. You could also choose overall luck and spread it out to every area of your life.

You will start seeing results immediately. Things will start to change for the better for you.

I only use white magic. I will need your full name, date of birth and a little bit about you will help me connect with you and the spirits also.

I will let you know when I start casting your spell and when I’m done. I will send verification.

Sometimes the things that will start to change won’t seem like good luck to you until later on. Then you’ll realize that it had to happen for you to have the best life ever. I can help you through it all. Most of the time the good luck will be obvious but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that there’s a chance you won’t understand why spirit does what it does. Whatever happens I assure you will lead you to overwhelming luck and success!
Blessed be.

It will be dressed with my Strong Good luck, Growth and Success Incense, my oil and your name will be written on a Bay Leaf. I then call in your Angels and Spirit Guides along with the White Energy and cast into it intentions of your request.

I have the power to change your lucky star


Powerful Good Luck Spell, Good Fortune, Wealth Prosperity Casting. Same Day - Road Opening, Balancing, Energy, Creativity- Candle Burning ritual for you

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