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LGBTQ Love Binding Spell Ritual

I am available to provide a Binding LGBTQ Deluxe Love Spell for those who wish to shift the energies in their favour, and bring the object of their affection into their life, or enhance the relationship your already have and bind them mind, body and soul to you.

Same-sex couple, male and male couple, male and male, gay, gay love spell, Love binding candle work with oils, herbs, flowers, powders, crystals, your petition and tarot energy

This SAME SEX spell will make this person CRAVE YOU, NEED YOU, and be besotted with love for ONLY YOU. I work with the Angel of Love and Lilith and other deities of love, lust, domination, submission and obsession, real, external forces. I use fire, candles, sigils, offerings, snake sheddings, and secret potions. You will receive a PDF of the ritual the day after I cast the spell.

THIS SAME SEX Spell is very powerful magic. If you’re not sure you want him/her in your life, don’t order this love magic spell. Results of my real magic SAME SEX spell are usually permanent but it is possible to cast a reverse spell if you change your mind.
-Make him/him or her/her Fall in love with you
-Make you more attractive
-Bring your true love to you
-Heal relationship problems, reverse a breakup or divorce.
-Stop your partner from cheating.
-Bring Intimacy and happiness back into your relationship or marriage.

LGBTQ+ Love Drawing Breath Drop Spell

Using powerful spell recipes of old, these breath drops have been blessed, psalmed, worked over during corresponding lunar phases, and infused with powerful herbal and root combinations to enhance the intent and purpose of the drops. Based on folkloric consumption spellwork, or edible spells, breath drops are an old hoodoo folkloric practice. They are said to be one of the strongest forms of natural personal manifestation. They tend to produce quicker results in comparison to candle and other rootworkings.

They are also by far the easiest form of magick for the non-practitioner to use. You simply set your intention and think of this intention while you consume 3 to 9 drops a day to achieve the desired goal/wish. You should always consume in 3’s. So 3, 6, or 9 drops. I would not recommend more than 9 drops a day. The more drops you consume, the more ‘active’ the manifestation efforts. This is handy for a difficult target or a difficult task with many roadblocks to manifestation. They also are easily adaptable to be used as ‘tricks’. Tricks, in the hoodoo tradition, involve feeding enchanted consumption spelled food items to the target of one’s goal/wish.

LGBTQ+ Love—These drops are specifically designed and created for those in the LGBTQ+ communities to address the unique love drawing needs of these individuals which differ a bit from traditional hoodoo recipes in folkloric love magick. They are consumed to draw a new love, existing love closer, or a target closer to you and to incite loving emotions and conditions for a successful union. Both ‘come to me’ and ‘love me’ elements are infused. Often used as a ‘trick’ and gifted to ones target if a target is established. Make’s love strong and true. Makes an excellent pre-marital gift or ‘trick’ or a lovely addition to pre-marital workings.

*Infusions of passion flower, violet, senna, cinnamon chips, cherry bark, dittany of crete, Queen Elizabeth root, rose petals, cubeb berries, and many other components. Components will vary dependent on seasonal attributes when compounded,


Binding LGBTQ Deluxe Love Spell | Custom Gay Love Magic | Spell Casting by BABA BULAMU. Same-sex couple, male and male couple, male and male, gay, gay love spell, Love binding candle work with oils, herbs, flowers, powders, crystals, your petition and tarot energy


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